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£10 per person
WORKSHOP: 19th + 20th February
Blast Studios, Acton

FREE LECTURE: 16th February, 7:00pm
G:12 Christopher Ingold Lecture Theatre

Presenting WASTE.WORLD, a brand-new weekend intensive workshop led by designers blast.studio. Prepare to explore a variety of methods to reuse and recycle waste into building materials. The event will begin with an introductory week-day lecture on recycled material qualities (think: cellulose based materials and bioplastics), followed by a weekend to explore and create objects from said waste. Explore material mixtures, modifying 3D printer & CNC codes, mould making, casting and more in blast.studio’s Acton base. Following this, see your designs exhibited in blast.studio’s grand studio opening!

This workshop will address the notion of waste-based materiality, technology and architecture. Each group will develop their own bio-material made from waste and understand the potential of 3d printing applications. We will explore ways of using 3d printers differently by understanding and generating G-code (Computer numerical control) and adapting it with custom made extruders.


ABOUT blast.studio
blast.studio is a design studio created in 2018 by Paola Garnousset, Martin Detoeuf and Pierre de Pingon with the aim to explore how nature and technology can be put in dialogue in order to transform cities’ discarded material into artefact and architecture

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